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Voice and visibility for your business

Are you a freelancer, artisan, or crafts-person? Do you run a micro-business, a small business, a family store, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur, a local wizard or you work in a profession related to agriculture?

I’ll interview you and increase your visibility! Plus, you’ll have your own podcast episode for marketing purposes. But here’s the twist: the Oh Yes Language POD is also an educational tool. This means we extend the shelf life of your podcast and actively use it to drive potential clients your way.

As a teacher, I’ve designed a process that lets language learners, such as expats or local residents, discover your business through the podcast and your storytelling. Not only will they continue to learn languages, but they’ll also feel at home in Switzerland as they get to know and support local businesses, including yours.

Value your own story

My mission is to support small business by making you a PODstar and putting you on the map. I want listeners to get to know you, trust you and understand your expertise. This is not an advertorial – we naturally engage in conversation.

Let’s put you on the map

The forthcoming PODstar Directory puts you on the map – literally – with a page dedicated to your business where your audience listens to and finds you in one go.

In February 2022, we released the #founders PODs. This is the first step of many on our roadmap.

Interviews are easy

It’s like having a virtual coffee (plus a 🎧+ a🎤)

We’ll go through technical details beforehand. My method is designed to help you tell your story naturally in a meaningful way.

We’re recruiting! Join the POD

There are a couple of places left for the first series of PODS. I conduct interviews in French and in English.

Benefits: why you’ll join the POD

1. Increased visibility through the directory and POD.

2. Extended shelf life of your POD. We turn it into a language-learning resources.

3. Let your audience get to know you and trust you as they discover your real story.

4. Unlock networking opportunities, synergies, and potential partnerships with other PODstars.

My name is Maude. I interview business owners in Switzerland and help you gain visibility, with a twist.

Who am I? A bilingual language teacher who has been running her own business, Languages and more, for 15 years. I want to provide visibility to local business by and while breaking (or reducing!) language barriers. Join me!

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